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nice to see you on www.mix-my-song.com / www.mix-my-song.de.
I would like to introduce myself...


My name is Björn Schulz, Studio Audio Engineer from Düsseldorf.




You found me online searching for one topics like mixing, mastering or the like - and that's the core of my job.

In my mixing studio in Düsseldorf I have created the ideal workplace to give your music the right sound. Browse through the sites and decide for yourself if and how we can work together.

Best Regards

      Björn Schulz

Now to you

You recorded your band and are looking for the right partner to give your mix the best possible sound?

You have already finished mixing your songs and want to master the whole thing as an album?

You are interested in mixing and are looking for individual and professional audio training or consulting?

You have vocal tracks that should be tuned optimally to your music?

You have a film clip or are programming a PC game and are looking for a suitable background music?

You have a company presentation and want to set it to music according to your ideas?

You have older recordings and would like to have them restored?

You run your own recording studio and are looking for a partner to do the mixing for you?



- With all these questions you are right with me.

- I offer you a suitable individual solution to all these questions.

- On all these questions you will find in me a competent contact person.

Let's get in touch

At any time and completely without obligation I am ready to get in contact with you.
It is of secondary importance how far you are and where you stand with your request.

Call me at +49 / 162 39 45 814
(If I am not directly available, I will call you back at short notice)

Send an email to info@mix-my-song.de

If you already have a concrete project, you can also use the contact form (see project enquiries)
We can also have a phone call.

On my website you will find further information about me, my career and my work as Studio Audio Engineer (SAE) in Düsseldorf. 

Furthermore you will find a mix example and soon audio training videos.

In any case I would like to thank you for your interest.

      Kind regards

             Bjoern Schulz




Björn Schulz

Schinkelstr. 55
40211 Düsseldorf
















































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