Björn Schulz is a studio audio engineer and founder of Mix my Song. In addition to his studies at HOFA College in Karlsdorf, he has been working on audio engineering for several decades.



Music was at the forefront of all his endeavors throughout life .He learned to play the saxophone at the age of 7. which was later on followed by an auto didactically learning of electric bass, electric guitar, drums and piano. He found that pivotal in order to be able to  arrange for his cover bands.


During the coming years, he worked and experimented extensively with the possibilities of analog consoles and TASCAM tape machines in his rockband. While taking care of numerous live appearances of his following coverband he took over the entire sound engineering as well as
management and arrangements .



After a few years on the road, however, it became clear that his passion lies more in audio engineering.
After completing his studies in Braunschweig and the subsequent move to Düsseldorf there were a few years of recollection. For several years he successfully completed all distance learning courses at HOFA College in Karlsdorf and completed his training as a state-certified studio audio engineer with top marks.


At the same time he created his own high-end mixing studio in Düsseldorf which is fully inspired by  his ideas and experiences.


Since October 2016 he offers his mixing services on / respectively. These include mixing songs of all Genres as well as mastering and songwriting.



































































Björn Schulz

Schinkelstr. 55
40211 Düsseldorf
















































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