Project Enquiries

The procedure


The following procedure has proven itself in practice:


Establishing contacts and defining conditions (time frame/budget)
Delivery of the mix preview
Up to three reviews
Delivery of the finished mixes/master


The process described above is available for download as a pdf below.


PDF-Dokument [104.7 KB]




Your wishes and budget are decisive.


Mixing projects differ in their requirements. A premix can be so mature that only subtle changes can improve the result. In other cases, transitions, drops, dynamic changes or optimizations in timing or tuning are required. Furthermore, projects vary according to genre, complexity and length. To make a suitable offer I must see or hear the tracks at least once. Ideally you should provide the tracks at the beginning of the project with the song tempo in bpm via Webmail/Google Drive etc. This way I can give you a concrete  offer about price and duration.


You can contact me using the contact form below or simply give me a call. You will receive an answer within 24 hours.


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