Was a good cooperation with him, the mix is great and wishes regarding volume, bass adjustment etc. were implemented well and quickly. Fair price and I could listen in before. Everything is very well done. Always a pleasure.

Ram Zee One - Chaos

Fantastic quality, very professional and an amazing character to work with. Bjorn is not just a professional sound engineer but also a great friend. I had a lot of fun working with him.

Andrew Yarahmadi

For a song to a children's book I was looking for someone to create and master the final mix. So I found Björn from mix-my-song and I am very satisfied with the result. He understood exactly what I wanted. The quality and the fast and careful work have also convinced me. For more songs I will also count on mix-my-song.

Michael Corda - Audio Book Song "Winsu -  das rosa Blütennilpferd".

The book "Winsu -  das rosa Blütennilpferd" is orderable on  Amazon

A wonderful book for children with a touching story.



















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