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Björn Schulz is a studio audio engineer and founder of Mix my Song. He has acquired audio engineering, alongside his studies at HOFA College in Karlsdorf (Germany), over several decades:

Throughout his life, music has been at the forefront. He learned the saxophone at a young age. This was followed by electric bass, electric guitar, piano and drums. He thus developed into a multi-instrumentalist. He used his musical understanding for many years for arrangements in various cover bands.

He worked and experimented extensively with the possibilities of analog consoles, analog tape machines and recording techniques. At numerous live performances, he took responsibility for all live audio engineering, as well as musical direction. After "on the road" it crystallized that his passion was in audio engineering, audio engineering itself.


After finishing his studies and moving to Düsseldorf, he set up his own mixing studio in Düsseldorf.

He successfully completed all courses at HOFA College and is a state certified Studio Audio Engineer (SAE).


Since July 2020 he offers audio training, mixing and mastering. 

His services do NOT include songwriting and recording.





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