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In my studio in Düsseldorf I mix / master songs of all genres.





What makes a good mix? "It should sound good..." as well as "It should be loud..." - is often heard. Both are absolutely justified demands and belong to the goals of every mixer. After all, audio quality has increased tremendously over the last few decades and access to music making and production has expanded greatly in the online world, demanding louder and louder mixes to keep up. 


Beyond that, however, I maintain that a song can represent far more.


Evergreens that were recorded decades ago and yet still reliably reach their listeners today come to mind. The vintage trend of making recordings sound as analog as possible has also taken hold.


But what is it that we are looking for? What do we want to feel and experience?




I hear and see a song as a short abduction on a journey into another world. A small adventure, which attracts the attention of the listener from the first second, and wins it again and again - far from any monotony. The feeling at the beginning develops - yes transforms.

The anyway existing character is to be emphasized and not to crank up sounds.

To intensify the existing emotions, to set points of contrast, to create movements through transitions. To recognize the supporting instruments of the groove and to align the balance of the song with them.


This makes your song recognizably unique - and it's about working out exactly this uniqueness.


Often underestimated by beginners - the room acoustics. I mix exclusively in acoustically optimized rooms according to the Liveend - DeadEnd principle and according to a monitor matrix I am familiar with.



II attach the greatest importance to uncompromisingly good monitoring:
Only the highest quality components are used.


Hybrid Studio Setup

In my studio in Düsseldorf I use both the advantages of analog - and digital audio technology.

Only professional processors are used. This ranges from world-class converters to high-end cabling of the components.


As DAW I use Studio One / Cubase.

Knowing the nuances of the sound, understanding them and using them at the right place at the right time is as essential to me as the deep understanding of the song, its groove, the arrangement, the feeling of the performance and the production itself.

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